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Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen. – Robert Bresson


Wojtek Łukowski treats photography as his parallel life. He is a professional marketing specialist dealing with promotion and public relations. At the same time, he creates, composes and studies the surrounding reality with the lens of his camera. For Wojtek Łukowski, the moment of pressing the shutter button is the most important part of creating a photograph. The result is less important; what matters most is capturing a unique fraction of a second. He agrees with the opinion that the best photographs are always taken on the edge of events. The most interesting photos are not those from the centre of events but those from the area surrounding them. He takes his inspiration from the urban atmosphere and observations of everyday life. He materializes his visions both in his artistic activities – by capturing places, people and events in a photographic composition – and in his professional work – by providing services to his customers. Every scene where he is placed influences his style in many ways – depending on the city, environment and local atmosphere. He puts much emphasis on the composition. He also likes playing with associations and understatements.

Books are another passion of Wojtek Łukowski’s. He loves both the beautifully edited volumes in perfect shape and those destructed by time and forgotten by people. This is why the exhibition as an attempt at combining scenes from our environment with passages from books from the world’s canon of literature. The artist also presents contrasting fragments of the reality. Although they could pass unnoticed in our daily lives, they also may be perceived as an artistic vision of the world.

Wojtek Łukowski heads a major photography project called FotoBodega. The project has been designed to display achievements of past and contemporary photographers and to help following recent developments in this area. He is also an author of articles on marketing in photography business and use of photography in marketing.