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Dariusz Klimczak – Photomanipulation

Dariusz Klimczak, born in 1967 in Sieradz, a graduate of Art School in Zduńska Wola, settled with his family in a village near Łeba.

Independent journalist, painter and aphorist (Grand Prix winner of the seventh edition of Aphoristic Contest in Nowy Targ, 2005).

Photorgaphy for the last 25 years has been an important part of his life, but it’s become his true passion few years ago. The former chairman of FOTOSIS (an association of photographers), Sieradz. Currently, a freelance photographer. Has exhibited his works in cities of Pabianice, Słupsk, Ostrołęka.

Prefers square frames & black and white pictures but doesn’t shun colours. In his photomanipulative works he seeks mood, joke and universal symbols,  which can  strike, make  the viewer contemplate  or laugh.



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Cedrik Ferrer – Colour and Minimalism

Color + Minimalism is a collection from Cedrik Ferrer where he combines minimalist photography subjects with bright colors to convey the simple things in life. With much elements and colors around us, it’s refreshing to sometimes search for simplicity. These are the images that isolate details to make that strong point in a photograph. Check out these shots by Cedrick Ferrer that bring together color and minimalism.




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