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The first edition of Magnum Magnum was the photography book of the decade, a landmark publication that celebrated the vision, imagination and brilliance of the world’s most renowned photographic agency.

With over 400 images selected by Magnum’s photographers, this is at once a permanent record of many of the iconic images from the last 60 years by a legendary creative collective, and an insight, as seen through the critical eyes and minds of Magnum photographers, into what makes a great photograph.

Magnum Magnum harks back to Magnum’s early days, evoking the spirit of what made it such a unique creative environment, where each of the four founding members picture-edited the others’ photographs. Here, a current Magnum photographer selects and critiques six key works of another of the 69 photographers featured, with a commentary explaining the rationale behind their choice.

2012 World Open of Photography – $50,000US Cash Prize

From undiscovered photographers to emerging artists to seasoned professionals, everyone is welcome to be a part of The Open. It exists to discover – and rediscover – the most inspiring photographers of our generation. It is for any photographer who wants to open the door to worldwide exposure, connections and opportunity.

It’s simple: photographers submit their best images in any of the 5 categories. A global audience clicks the photos they love. The most-loved images continually move to the forefront for increased exposure. Artists are encouraged to ignite their own social networks to fuel their votes. Half of the 200 finalists are chosen by public appreciation, the other half are chosen by a panel of the sharpest eyes in the business to capture the work of those who may not yet have an online following. The final judging panel awards the category winners and Photographer of the Year. The SOLO prize purse is $25,000.

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A Natural Order- exhibition of Lucas Foglia

Michael Hoppen Contemporary is delighted to announce the first UK exhibition of Lucas Foglia’s beautiful and internationally acclaimed series A Natural Order, which is accompanied by the highly commended photo book of the same title.

Lucas Foglia grew up on a farm on Long Island just 30 miles from Manhattan. His parents were part of the post 1960’s “back to the land movement”. Much of the area surrounding the family home became increasingly urbanised, but his parents continued to strive for self-sufficiency.  “While malls and supermarkets developed around us, we heated our house with wood, farmed and canned our food, and bartered the plants we grew for everything from shoes to dental work”.


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Wildlife Photography Contest




You can win a Custom Signed Copy of National Geographic Photographer Christian Ziegler’s Book „Deceptive Beauties: The World of Wild Orchids!!”

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Marcin Sobas





Green Fields
poem by Alexandra Jozelia
photos by Marcin Sobas




I want to run away
from this place
I want to get lost in a forest
Find a green field
And throw myself on the ground
Like a little child
Feeling the grass on my body
The smell of the earth
The beauty of the sky
The music of the birds
The sounds of nature all around me
I let the wind guide my body
As I dance through the rhythm
Of that sound
Me and nature become one.
Finally I found the place I belong.

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Flowers of Maria Ivanova

Do you like old paintings? For me Maria Ivanova’s photos are like paintings from XIX century.

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