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Titusville Steel by Chris Crisman

Titusville Pennsylania survived for over a century, defined by the endless flock of men filing in and out of the steel mills every day. To provide their families with sustainable income, they committed themselves to the life-threatening conditions that defined steelwork. Through the eyes of these men we see the dreams of thousands of working class citizens whose grueling hours gave shape to modern America after World War II.

For the past four years, photographer Chris Crisman has returned home to photograph the retired steelworkers still living in Titusville. This project is both his perspective on a generation of Americans and a personal discovery of the culture into which Crisman was born and of the industry in which his father and grandfather served.

Matteo Varsi: From Polaroid With Love

Italian photographer Matteo Varsi has been snapping photos with expired polaroids since childhood. His daily documentation of everyday life is a constant search for the beauty and joy of imperfection.

Matteo Varsi was born in Levanto, Italy in 1970. His first photographic research involved photography and literature. After graduating with a degree in Modern Foreign Literature, Varsi won a scholarship at the Italian Institute of Photography, Milan in 2003 where he graduated the following year. His work has been in numerous personal and collective exhibitions including the Festival of Photography in Rome and the Photo Festival in Milan.

Upcoming exhibition: “A Presentation of Cold Cases” collective exhibition at the Italian Institute of Culture, Berlin (6th to 26th of November, 2012).


Tarlabasi, the Hidden Istanbul by Guillaume Poli

From Guillaume Poli:

Spread between Turkey, Iran, Irak and Syria, the Kurds make the world’s biggest landless minority. In Turkey, they represent 25% of the population and despite this, they face a significant assimilation policy.

Have they not been called “The Mountainous Turks” due to their original lands in the mountains in EasternTurkey ? The ratified Kurdistan at the treaty of Sevres was a born dead country, rebaptised later as « Anatolia ». The Kurds are undergoing discrimination in the workplace and their language is not taught in schools.

The Kurdish Tarlabasi quarter is located in the city center of Istanbul. A stone’s throw away: Istiklal Avenue whose rich-looking buildings, trendy shops and the million of visitors each week earned it the nickname of the « Champs Elysées » of Istanbul.

In this pocket of poverty, doomed to gentrification, the threat of expulsion hangs over the inhabitants. In the name of mass tourism and for political reasons a community lifestyle is in peril.

See the essay at: guillaumepoli.viewbook.com.

Mother, Sister, Daughter by Paul Harris – exhibition

Women have always been at the heart of communities and it’s women who have their fingers on the pulse of daily life. Women do 70-80% of all agriculture & food production in the world. Women are responsible for well over half the world’s cash income and now play a central role as compassionate powerbrokers and decision makers. We should be continually reminded that ‘girl power’ is older than mere 21st century pop culture.

Relying on their hospitality and organisational savvy has frequently meant the difference between success and failure on many of my travels and photographic projects. This exhibition is a celebration of womanhood and marks 25 years of travelling to remote, rural and ethnic communities.


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Underwater photography

There are so many ways that the world around us can take on a whole new look with a little change in perspective. This is one of the things that photographers specialize in. Applying that perspective for us through their artistic captures, underwater photography is a prime example of this. When photographers take their cameras below the surface of the water, so many amazing things can happen. And so many amazing pictures can surface.

Below we have a collection that is sure to inspire, that is filled with stunning photographs captured underwater. From the wildlife that rules over the underwater kingdom, to the models and fashion submerged into the water’s depths to bring new life and context to their artistry, photographers produce some breathtaking pieces by simply looking beneath the surface.




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Paris Photo 2012

Paris Photo, 16th edition at the Grand Palais — the best of 19th century, modern and contemporary photography in the heart of Paris. This year the Paris Photo Platform features 4 days of conferences directed by Roxana Marcoci, Curator of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, with the special contribution of Paul Holdengräber, Director of „LIVE from The New York Public Library.” Structured as an experimental platform for critical discussions, the Paris Photo Platform engages in dynamic and robust debates about the expanded field and perspectives of photography. Participants feature an international roster of leading artists, architects, filmmakers, cultural historians, and theorists in the field exchanging ideas on the relational contexts in which photography operates today.

15-18 November 2012
Grand Palace, Paris, France

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La Tomatina 2012

La Tomatina is a festival that is held in the Valencian town of Bunol, located inland from the Mediterranean Sea, that brings together thousands of people for one big tomato fight – purely for fun! It is held on the last Wednesday of August, during the week of festivities of Bunol. One theory – the most popular of many theories – about the origins of the “fight” dates back to 1945, when (during a parade) young men staged a brawl in the town’s main square, the Plaza del Pueblo. There was a vegetable stand nearby, so they picked up tomatoes and used them as weapons. The police had to intervene to break up the fight and forced those responsible to pay the damages incurred. Bunol’s town hall estimated more than 40,000 people, some from as far away as Japan and Australia, took up arms with 100 tons of tomatoes in the yearly food fight known as the ‚Tomatina,’ now in its 64th year.

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