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Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography Workshop„The Landscape Photography Workshop” by Ross Hoddinott & Mark Bauer is a great book guide for artist and amatours of photography. Ross Hoddinott is an award-winning, professional outdoor photographer and writer. Based in the southwest of England, Ross is one of the countrys leading natural history and landscape photographers. His intimate, striking imagery is widely published, and he will be familiar to readers of many photographic and wildlife publications, including Outdoor Photography, Digital SLR Photography and BBC Wildlife. Ross has authored or co-authored five other books on photographic technique, including Digital Exposure Handbook, The Wildlife Photography Workshop and Digital Macro Photography. Mark Bauer is a professional landscape photographer specializing in atmospheric images of Dorset and the New Forest. He is a regular contributor to the UK photographic press with his dramatic images appearing in numerous national and county publications, in particular Digital SLR Photography magazine, on book covers, cards and calendars. Marks first book, Romantic Dorset was published in April 2008. Together, they run Dawn 2 Dusk Photography offering a range of landscape photography workshops in south-west England. They work in partnership to offer friendly, practical advice and on-hand experience.

„The International Garden Photographer of the Year”

International Garden Photographer of the Year My new-old book. With beautiful photos and many practical infos. The International Garden Photographer of the Year competition was established in 2008, and is the world’s premier competition specialising in garden, plant, flower and botanical photography. This book brings together the very best images from the first five years of the competition in one beautiful volume. Garden photography is a hugely diverse photographic subject, combining artistic interpretation with the wonders of the natural environment around us. For some it’s about a love of the beauty of plants; for others it’s an opportunity to express an appreciation of the wider natural landscape and its inherently fragile nature. Ultimately, it’s about a love of the diversity of the natural world and its ability to continually surprise, inspire and delight. From an exquisitely detailed close-up of a delicate flower to sweeping, panoramic garden vistas, this book showcases the talents of some of the world’s best garden photographers, both professional and amateur. Key points: a celebration of five years of International Garden Photographer of the Year – the world’s premier photographic competition specialising in garden, plant, flower and botanical photography; includes more than 250 images from some of the world’s best garden photographers, both professional and amateur; will appeal to both gardeners and photographers – every photograph is captioned by the photographer’s account of the inspiration behind the image, and includes details of equipment and techniques used; produced in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London.

„Marketing Fine Art Photography” – great book for photographers

Marketing Fine Art PhotographyIn recent years as the field of photography has exploded, many photographers consider selling their work to make a profit and to help defray the high costs of equipment. But, many photographers don’t have the business and marketing knowledge required to successfully sell fine art photographs; and many of those who have tried have been met with disappointment. Until now, little information of value has been available.

In Marketing Fine Art Photography, Alain Briot offers practical, up-to-date and field-tested marketing techniques from the viewpoint of a fine art landscape photographer who earns a living from the sale of his fine art prints.

Briot teaches that by taking control of the selling process, you can increase your profits and, ultimately, direct your own destiny. Briot’s approach is based on offering quality not quantity; and offering something unique, rather than something that is mass-produced. Though directed toward selling fine art, this method can be applied to other products.







Photography Backdrops

Photography Backdrops – Inexpensive Photography Backdrops and Prop Ideas
New, very interesting book by C. Pazetti. Special edition for Kindle. Backdrops and props are invaluable tools to a photographer. Particularly when taking portrait shots. But prices can range from a few hundred bucks to a couple thousand. After emptying your wallet on a camera, who has that kind of money? No problem. There are cheap photography backdrops and props all around you.
The purpose of a backdrop is to substitute for real life scenery. Why go for an obviously fake scene, when the real thing makes for so much better pictures? Get outside and visit the woods or a community park.
If you live in an area where nature is not easily accessible then head to a plant nursery.

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