Enric Macià

Born in 1978. Barcelona. Studied photography at the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia.
 1999-2004 tavern specializes in advertising photography author and journalism.


  • The Dislexics, is a personal work done in Cork, Ireland. It consists of 10 images and a book of calligraphy. He was exposed in La Primavera Fotográfica, 2004.
  • The Bóbila, weave in a documentary made in crisis reflecting the production stop.
  • Nissan, photographic report on the statements made by its employees in connection with the regulation of work and layoffs conducted.
  • Puzzles, still lifes intimate feelings and stories filled with double meanings.
  • life-object, we must learn to listen to the objects, they have a lot to say about us.
  • face to face, transforming the object to be wanting us to understand the low importance of having
  • The other side of life, the other side of life is the ultimate work of Enric Macia, where the artist has been looking for a good friend lost in a dream full of nightmares.
  • Metamorfosis animal, is the search of the true self, through a mirror



2000 „sin titulo” XXII Setmana Cultural El Papiol
2004 „The Dislexics” made in Ireland. The work consists of 10 photographs and a photography book calligraphy. Presented within the biennial festival of Spring Interior Photo Gallery in Bodega.
2010 „A friendly kiss” Cherry Festival Papiol
2010 „Puzzle” bodegones intimate feelings and stories filled with double meanings. Exhibited at Esrecfotografia
2011 „Puzzle” Pati of Llimona and Llimonades festival in Plaza San Miguel de Barcelona (Barcelona Photoshow Slideluck Projection)
2011 „Puzzle” 15 Aritstica of Sant Carles de la Rapita
2012 „LIFE – OBJECT” We must learn to listen the objects, them have much to say of us. VirtualGallery in 2012 „face to face” Hartmann displayed in the gallery the Holy
2012 „The other side of life” in VirualGallery
2012 „Metamorphosis animal” VirtualGallery
2012 „FACEtoFACE” Scan Tarragona
2013 „Metamorphosis animal” Sala enArt

2010 „Danys Humans to the Environment” at the residence exposed Ramon Llull and the 10E aniversari Grup Argent Premiá Fotogràfic
2011 „15M Indignados” Can photographic space in conjunction with TERRAdeNINGU.com Basté
2012 „The art to react 3×4” 15 Artistic de Sant Carles de la Rapita
2012 Nu Col.lectiva the Nit d’art de Sant Cugat del Valles
2012 „Sale Art” with imagenTeeth and images of the exhibition „The Other Side of Life” at the Gallery Hartmann The Holy

2009 First Prize Photo Contest Cultural Week Palencia
2011 Second prize photo competition „Big Scatti Piccoli” in bludigitale, Italy.
2011 Second Prize „at your service” of LatinStock
2011 Selected in Competition VIII „Spring Baix photographic Llobregat”
2011 Judge of International poster competition dedicated to aviation „Fly Like Birds” Institute of Aviation, Warsaw
2012 Finalist in the contest Aqua „Quesabesde”
2012 Selected „This would be your photo” SanDisk and PHE
2012 Third prize „urban tours” One Shot Hotels

2000 „no title” Cultural Week Program Papiol
2004 „TheDislexics” Disclosure through newspapers and radio.
2010 „Jigsaw” via web Disclosure: www.elangelcaido.org and through
Revistart number 149
2011 „Puzzle” Pati of Llimona and Llimonades festival in Plaza San Miguel de Barcelona (Barcelona Photoshow Slideluck Projection)
2012 „Face to Face” Disclosure in digital media
2012 „The other side of life” on social networks
2012 „Sale of work for music disc-KAB-HAVE BELIEVED”
2012 „Sale of work for music disc Projecte Tambourine”


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