Mother, Sister, Daughter by Paul Harris – exhibition

Women have always been at the heart of communities and it’s women who have their fingers on the pulse of daily life. Women do 70-80% of all agriculture & food production in the world. Women are responsible for well over half the world’s cash income and now play a central role as compassionate powerbrokers and decision makers. We should be continually reminded that ‘girl power’ is older than mere 21st century pop culture.

Relying on their hospitality and organisational savvy has frequently meant the difference between success and failure on many of my travels and photographic projects. This exhibition is a celebration of womanhood and marks 25 years of travelling to remote, rural and ethnic communities.


Paul Harris is a documentary photographer who has travelled widely on both personal and commissioned projects for commercial, editorial and charitable clients. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a recipient of their Cherry Kearton Medal for ‘Photography of Peoples and the Natural World’. Since the new millennium, Paul has been a preferred assignment photographer the National Trust, Earthwatch and Coral Cay Conservation.

On Sunday 11th November Paul will be in the Gallery to talk about his work and answer questions.

31st October – 3rd December 2012

Richard Whiteley Theatre
Giggleswick School
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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