812_475932735791468_805251330_nAndreas H. Bitesnich was born in Vienna in1964 and he is an Austrian photographer and musician. He has specialized in nude and portrait photography and we can admire his works in international magazines.

Originally working as a retailer, Bitesnich found his passion for photography when his friend, an assistant photographer, showed him his portfolio of black-and-white photographs. Having no education in photography, he started to teach himself all the relevant photography techniques. In 1989, he finally decided to quit his job as a retailer and started working as a professional photographer. Today, he is one of the world’s most renowned nude photographers.





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Alain Daussin 01The Belgian Alain Daussin started photography studies in 1977 in a school of the City of Brussels. After three years, he entered the labour market and was soon discovered by the “Photo” magazine (France), and his pictures were published under the heading ‘young talent’. From that time on, he worked for lots of magazines and advertising campaigns such as „Photo”,  „Play boy”, „lui”, „Max”, „Telerama”, „Zoom” in France or „Elle”, „Knacht”, „Donna”, „Per lui” in Italy, „Stern” in Germany, for „Amateur Photographer’s” in London.

He specialized in black and white female photography.

Some of his pictures were also spread in the whole world through the publishing of black and white art posters and postcards (Catch publishing, Verkerke, Art Unlimited, Nouvelles Images.).


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Zagreb - OpeningI had an individual exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia. It was the biggest and the nicest adventure this year. “In Words / Riječima” in Cro Art Photo Club, the most import ant palce for photographers in Croatia. I don’t have words for thank to my friend Dalibor. It was his idea, organization, promotion. A lot of energy, time and love. I met in Croatia many wonderful people. First week I was in paradise! In House Perunika in Istria. Wonderful people. I felt like at home. In Zagreb Dalibor with friends suprised me. I had birthday like in Hollywood movie! It is true friendship.



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Witch - VješticaCompositions with photographs and literature. Fragments of books colaborates with images and title. Some special works with Croatian literature.










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From 6 to 16 June the capital of Denmark hosts the Copenhagen Photo Festival. The event was founded in 2010 to focus on photography and present significant Danish and international contemporary photography in urban space, art and cultural institutions, galleries and schools. The aim for Copenhagen Photo Festival is to create an international platform for contemporary photography in Denmark.  The founding directors of Copenhagen Photo Festival are Julie Navne Klitbo and Rasmus Ranum. With a great number of exhibitions all over the city, the program also counts many events with daily tours, screenings, artist talks and even a two day seminar about Nordic contemporary photography.

Festival’s programm.

London and New York City; two cities so fundamentally different and yet so amazingly similar. So what happens when two of the most photographed cities in the world come together as one? Daniella Zalcman’s new photographic project New York + London shows us the exact result.

Daniella Zalcman is an award-winning photojournalist with a background in architecture. After establishing a name for herself in New York City, where her work appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the New York Daily News, Sports Illustrated and Vanity Fair, she felt that it was time for her to relocate to London. And her desire to bring a piece of her beloved New York into her new London life, was the driving force that sparked the idea for her next project.

‘New York + London: A Collection of Double Exposures’ is an Instagram double exposure series of 100 images that brilliantly merge well-known places in New York City and London  into one new unified cityscape quite like no other. After collecting 30 days of iPhone images during her last month in New York City, Zalcman then delicately edited them using smartphone apps with images she took upon arriving in London. ”They’re both places I adore, and, in my opinion, they’re two of the most photogenic cities in the world”, she fervently explains.





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Anja Rubik, one of the best world top model, has 30th birthday today. She is like chameleon! Happy Birthday Anja!

Anja Rubik was born in Rzeszów, Poland on June 12, 1985. Growing up, Anja lived in Greece, Canada, and South Africa and began modeling full- time after graduating from a British high school in Paris. Rubik can be seen in numerous editorials for Vogue, Numero, Harper’s Bazaar, etc. More information and photographs of Anja can be found on her website: AnjaRubik.com
Anja is also Editor in Chief of 25 Magazine.









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