posterPlease come and see the exhibition of photography by Wojtek Lukowski (FotoBodega) “In Words / Riječima”.

The photographs will be displayed from 27 June through 16 July 2013 at the Cro Art Photo Club in Zagreb.
The opening ceremony and meeting with the author over a glass of wine will take place on 27 June 2013 at 7.00 p.m.

I invite all lovers of photography and literaure.


Srdačno Vas pozivamo na izložbu fotografija Wojteka Lukowskoga (FotoBodega) “In Words / Riječima”.

Radovi će javnostima biti izloženi od 27. lipnja do 16. srpanja 2013. godine u CRO ART PHOTO CLUBU u Zagrebu, Gajeva 25.

Svečano otvaranje izložbe i druženje s autorom uz čašu vina održat će Se u četvrtak, 27. lipnja 2013. u 19.00 sati.

“In Words / Riječima”
27 June – 16 July 2013

Cro Art Photo Club
Gajeva 25
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Please come and join us at the exhibition of European art in Córdoba, Spain. Wojtek Lukowski (owner of FotoBodega) will present two big photos „Dorian” and „In the other” there. We invite all FotoBodega’s Friends!

When Najwa Kronfel graduated from The French Culinary School in New York City, she started a cooking and photography blog called Delicious Shots. It was a way for her to practice her food styling and photography while also sharing her recipes. Her photos are well-composed and simple, often involving just a few colors and objects. Her blog has become exactly what she had hoped: a great collection of tasty recipes as well as beautiful food photos.

To see more of Najwa’s photography, visit her website, cooking blog, flickr photostream or facebook page.












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After many years, the first in Poland exhibition of pictures of Wojtek Łukowski (FotoBodega’s owner) presenting dozens of diversified pictures through which the author takes the viewer on a tour beginning with the overall plan, the first view of the world, perception of fragments, elements of reality to processing realistic images into visions, abstractions, fantasies and understatement.
The works are presented in the stylish foyer of the National Theatre in Warsaw.
The vernissage of the exhibition: 27 May 2013 (Monday) at 19.00 in the Galeria Przy Teatrze, Plac Teatralny 3, Warsaw.











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Zapraszam w dniach 27 maja – 30 czerwca 2013 do Galerii Przy Teatrze w Warszawie!
Pierwsza od lat wystawa zdjęć Wojciecha Łukowskiego (szef projektu FotoBodega) w Polsce prezentująca kilkadziesiąt zróżnicowanych zdjęć, pozwalających widzowi na odbycie wraz z nim drogi od ogólnego planu, pierwszego spojrzenia na świat, przez dostrzeganie fragmentów, elementów rzeczywistości aż po przetworzenie realistycznych obrazów w wizje, abstrakcje, fantazje i niedopowiedzenia.

Wernisaż wystawy odbędzie się 27 maja 2013 roku (poniedziałek) o godzinie 19.00 w Galerii Przy Teatrze, Teatr Narodowy, Warszawa, Plac Teatralny 3.








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In 1954, at the age of 24, Gianni Berengo gardin took his first photograph. From that point, the camera would be his constant companion. After becoming a photojournalist, his simple yet raw language started to develop. For Berengo, it was not about art or about the act
of photography, but the process of documentation. however, his images resonated with people. they did more than just provide information — instead he captured surreal moments which spoke to the subtle oddities of the human condition.
Berengo’s approach to photography relies heavily on the fact that he uses only black and white film, no digital cameras or computerized post-production. he leaves all his images raw, exactly as he shot them. he believes that making an image more attractive in post-production is artificial, clashing with his engrained photojournalistic instincts.  the power of photography lies in its close connection to reality. Modifications can make it more beautiful or compelling, but it will no longer be the truth. Berengo’s work, stretching from architecture and  landscape to fashion, has appeared in domus, le figaro and time magazine. He has compiled 210 photographic books as well as shot for companies such as procter & gamble and olivetti. His photographs are at the museum of modern art new york and the national library in paris. currently, a twelve piece collection he produced for fantini is being shown at the belvedere gallery.



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